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Below is a list of our core services, broken down into several categories. You can also define the optimal service mix, depending on your needs, as referenced under Additional Services. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your goals and requirements, and we will be happy to offer a solution for your specific business situation.

Plus, you can choose any of our special offers or new services in easy-to-find boxes on the right, as you scroll down.

  1. Market analysis

  2. Market entry strategy

  3. Expansion strategy, efficiency improvement 

  4. Investment project feasibility analysis

  5. Innovation, R&D advisory

  1. M&A advisory

  2. JV, strategic partnership advisory

  3. Synergy evaluation, integration advisory

  1. Asset restructuring advisory

  2. Asset management services

Additional Services
  • Forensic studies, arbitration support (issuing subject matter conclusions as an independent consultant)

  • Due diligence and audit services

  • Legal advisory

  • Solving pressing needs regarding your business, assets; their optimization, strategy; finding new opportunities, entering new local and foreign markets, etc. 

  • Developing out-of-the-box strategy, management and crisis recovery solutions

  • Providing additional advisory support, required in your specific business situation

  • Supporting negotiations with existing or potential business partners

Якорь 1

Working in the beauty, wellness and health industry? Looking to bring your business online, create or boost your digital presence and service range?

In addition to traditional advisory services such as developing a market strategy, defining the product concept, assessing expected returns, etc., we are now offering related IT product development and system integration!  

New Service
Strategy & Efficiency
Market analysis
  • Customer segmentation and pricing policies

  • Key growth drivers and business risks

  • Market structure evolution forecast

  • Business idea validation: selecting the most promising market segments and business models

New market entry
  • Key success factors

  • Developing a product/service range

  • Market entry cost and benefit analysis

  • Implementation plan and operating model

Expansion advisory, efficiency improvement
  • Market positioning

  • New product/service launch plan

  • Business model optimization, business unit integration

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Business scaling

  • KPI system

Investment project feasibility analysis
  • Market strategy

  • Financial target system, execution plan

  • Organization structure

  • Supply chain optimization

  • Risk minimization solutions

Innovation, R&D advisory
  • Universal or niche player decision, business scaling

  • Product/service commercialization

  • Value creation mechanisms

  • Financial plan, result timeline

  • Partnership network

Якорь 2
Corporate Finance
M&A advisory
  • Potential target long-listing, selection

  • Negotiations with target companies

  • Company valuation, deal structuring

  • Share purchase agreement signing

JV, strategic partnership advisory
  • Strategic fit assessment and JV concept design

  • Parties’ contribution evaluation and deal structuring

  • Roles & responsibilities, interdependencies matrix creation

  • Communication plan and integration blueprint development

Synergy evaluation, integration advisory
  • Synergy assessment, joint operating model design

  • Integration process planning

  • Integration project management office

Highlight Feature

Looking for a way to simplify and streamline financial modeling, make collaborative presentations and dashboards to facilitate decision-making by stakeholders?

SCA provides financial modeling and advisory services, powered by Visyond, a cloud-based platform designed for finance professionals’, shareholders’ and top-managers’ enjoyment!

Якорь 3
Change Management
Asset restructuring advisory
  • Determining causes and ranking problems by severity, comparative analysis of possible solutions

  • Scenario assessment of the effects of cost optimization and cash flow balancing methods

  • Defining possible alternative income sources and business model options

  • Developing realization step plan, and set of criteria for successful restructuring

Asset management services
  • Organizational structure and process redesign in order to reach restructuring targets

  • Selecting methods of protecting shareholder interests, including against illicit activites by staff

  • Per shareholder decision, taking part in company management to achieve key goals

  • Overseeing and directing business restructuring and efficiency improvement

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